BeatStars Studio Instagram is a New Music Entrepreneurship Educational Hub

AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — As an independent musician and entrepreneur, constantly learning about the music industry, world of production, and entrepreneurship is vital for career growth. To help bring accessible education to aspiring and established producers, BeatStars has officially launched a BeatStars Studio Instagram. This brand new Instagram account strives to deliver essential music education content, creator highlights, producer-centric giveaways, and beat-selling tips so producers on the BeatStars platform can elevate their business to its fullest potential.

You can expect an array of content from the BeatStars Studio Instagram, including:

  • Guides, checklists, and resources written by music industry experts
  • Exclusive producer-centric giveaways that dish out prizes like promo credits, production gear, cash prizes, and 1:1 mentorships
  • Challenges and placement opportunities featuring up-and-coming and established artists
  • BeatStars tutorials that help creators navigate the platform
  • Playlisting opportunities
  • Special IGTV Series featuring advice from top-sellers and industry experts

You can follow the BeatStars Studio Instagram channel at handle @BeatStarsStudio.

BeatStars Media Contact: 
Allison Belcher

About BeatStars:
BeatStars’ mission has always been about putting the power back into the hands of creators. From paying out over $150 million to its community, to offering accessible distribution services, BeatStars has changed the game by dismantling locks on a gate-kept music industry. Established in 2008, BeatStars is the leading online music production marketplace which empowers creatives to discover and license music, beats, sound kits, services, and collaboration. BeatStars is now expanding its mission of empowering independent creators even further with its new, comprehensive publishing administration services, provided in partnership with Sony Music Publishing. You can learn more about BeatStars Publishing here.

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