Beatdapp Donates $500,000 in NFTs to “Undefined” Project, Set to Launch Debut Single “Drinkin’ Drinks”

LOS ANGELES, April 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Beatdapp, an auditing and fraud detection service for music streaming, has announced the launch of an artist collective under the name Urban Outlaws. The collective, signed by Universal-backed label Daydream Records, is releasing five singles, all in different genres, over the next six months. The first song, "Drinkin’ Drinks," will debut on April 22, 2022, written by country hitmakers Ryan Hurd, Nathan Spicer, Matthew McGinn, and Ryan Beaver. The track features local Nashville artist Kurt Steven and producers Jeff and Justin Johnson, who are well known for working with rising star Priscilla Block.

With over 1 million members combined, major artist fandoms have pledged to promote Drinkin’ Drinks during the first week of its release. In concert with the fan engagement tool Renaissance, the fandoms have coordinated marketing efforts to maximize exposure. Cadence Music Strategies has signed on for the administration and promotional planning of the Urban Outlaws project. As digital natives, Beatdapp employees donated $500,000 in NFTs to Urban Outlaws for album covers and the online identity of every artist, with the album cover valued at $250,000.

"Artists do 1,000 things to be successful. Our team at Beatdapp wanted to walk a mile in their shoes and better understand everything that goes into writing, producing, and distributing music before we get it for tracking royalties," said Beatdapp Co-CEO Andrew Batey. "After six studios, across four cities, in 2 countries, I think we learned just how hard creating one single song can be! It’s been a constant learning process which we hope enables us to continue making world-class products for artists."

Kiki Jaspal, CEO of Universal-backed label Daydream Records, said, "Urban Outlaws is a one-of-a-kind project, combining industry-leading music and tech resources in an increasingly fast moving industry to better understand audience consumption evolution and the impact on musicians – from recording to royalties. Once I saw the lineup of songwriters, producers, and artists backing them, you couldn’t help but feel inspired. I couldn’t be more excited for the release of the project!"

"The Beatdapp team have always been supporters of artist rights, and this project shows the team’s willingness to learn and understand their pain points. It’s why we believe Beatdapp will have a positive impact on this space where music artists can bloom," Aly, Managing Partner of Blockchain Founders Fund, commented in support of its portfolio company Beatdapp.

Drinkin’ Drinks is the first single released by Urban Outlaws from their EP entitled "Undefined." The EP features five songs from 5 different genres: Country, Electronic, Rap, Alternative Rock, and Pop.

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Beatdapp is the digital supply chain infrastructure for the streaming economy. Their proprietary blockchain technology, with over 30 patents in 6 countries, is building the platform and aggregate dataset to transform stagnant yet mission-critical activities like auditing, reporting, and fraud prevention for the benefit of artists, labels, and distribution platforms.

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