AYUDA for the Arts Announces the Appointment of New Board Member, Charles Wallert

NEW YORK, Jan. 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — AYUDA for the Arts announced today the appointment of Charles Wallert to the board of directors in the position of Head of Musical Direction and Development.

Charles Wallert is known in music industry circles as the "Singer’s Producer." He has composed & produced for iconic multi-platinum, selling artists & Grammy winners such as George Benson, Dionne Warwick, O.C. Smith, Cuba Gooding Sr., The Main Ingredient, Darryl Tookes, Ronnie Limar & Benny Marsella, just to name a few.

"We are very excited to add Charles to our board and all the experience he will bring to our organization," said Jim Taratunio, board president of AYUDA for the Arts. "His years of working in the music industry and the relationships he has cultivated will provide us with excellent mentors and bring a spotlight to our organization that will help more and more students reach their artistic potential."

Charles Wallert has participated in many Philathropic organizations & events such as:

  • Community Mayors of New York
  • Act-So
  • Jazzmobile
  • Five Towns College of Music – Music Production
  • Grammys In School (Moderator – Producer’s Panel)
  • Society of Singers – Chapter East – President
  • Camphill Special Schools
  • Joe Namath Charitable Foundation

"I am enthusiastically looking forward to participating with AYUDA for the Arts, President James Taratunio and its prestigious board to assist young creative people in their development and fulfillment of their dreams."

About AYUDA for the Arts

AYUDA for the Arts is an alliance dedicated to helping students, with a financial need, pursue their education in art related fields. They offer undergraduate scholarships and mentorship to advance their studies in their chosen field of the arts.

In addition to Charles Wallert and Jim Taratunio, other board members include Migdalia Rivera Taratunio, Brett Harrison, Lili Santiago-Silva, Jasmine Murga Springer, Lois Schmitt, Timothy Quill, Robert Ruvio and Bernard "Pretty" Purdie.

If you would like to learn more about AYUDA for the Arts, please contact Jim Taratunio, President, AYUDA for the Arts at 917 968-4191, or email

Website: www.AYUDAfortheArts.org

SOURCE AYUDA for the Arts