Award Winning Rap Artist, Nune Aka Mr. Propane Releases Outstanding New Single

BATON ROUGE, La., Oct. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — After landing his first few TV Sync Licensing Deals, Nune Aka Mr. Propane is set to be a real contender in the music Industry. His songs "Champion" and "Mr. Propane" caught the ears of multiple Publishing Agencies landing him spots to get his songs aired in film and sports television. If you are wondering if this artist has the talent than those deals are all the proof you need. We were told his focus is currently on securing a Distribution Deal with the Majors.

With so many new artists competing for that chance to break out into the music industry, Nune Aka Mr. Propane has definitely found his way to get ahead of the pack.  As an independent artist, he has built his portfolio to a point where he can genuinely compete with the most high profile artist charting on Billboard today. When an artist such as Nune, builds up his fan base, markets himself as a music artist, and provides high-quality music and merchandise to back it up, you can bet he will make his way to stardom. The building blocks have been set and I cannot wait to see what this artist accomplishes in the entertainment industry.

During an Interview, Nune was asked, "What was his motivation for pursuing a career in the music industry?" His answer captured the essence of what it means to be an artist. Quoted as saying "Every person I know has more than one side to their personality and to be able to express your inner thoughts and feelings, opening your truth and vulnerabilities to the masses, it’s personal self therapy. Being able to write and perform, to express not only who you are presently, but also striving to break barriers toward the person you are trying to become attributes to our growth. Music resonates with others who have the same general aspirations and it feels great to know that you are in sync with others across the world. My single, "All I See" has that smooth and sexy vibe we all love with a mix of R&B and Hip-hop Flavor.

INDIEMUSICPROMOTER  "The conceptual essence contained within his Lyricism is almost unrivalled, yet still bears reminiscence to acts such as Jay Z and Kendrick Lamar."

ANRFACTORY  "The guy is always weaving between diverse scenes and styles. He flows in a way that causes your mind to overload, while remaining perfectly on point and comprehensible. Overall, Nune has created a concise, focused, and intelligent album."

W.A.M AWARDS "Winner of BEST RAP SINGLE for song Black Man Featuring K-Rino & Produced by Jan Richard Branicki "Dreamlifebeats"

Nune (pronounced Noon), also known as Mr. Propane, is an independent artist from Louisiana, focusing on lyrical substance and conscious content with a very unique sound, bridging the Old School with the New Era sound. Embracing deep, poetic lyrics and a unique delivery, along with focused and varied subject matter, his music really blends into timeless songs you will want to dig deep into. Songs are a Must Add to your playlist. From life, love, faith, and general peace in his writing, his debut album "Intervention" is a breath of fresh air and his upcoming sophomore album titled Soul Hop is a Game changer.

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