Award-Winning Filmmaker Luke Neumann Ditches AI, Directs Immersive 8K Storytelling for Brands

Studio Harnesses Authentic Mobile Storytelling In Stunning 8K Clarity For Brands Ready To Push Creative Boundaries in Mobile-First Future

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — SAVG STUDIO, the full-service creative production and content distribution of SAVAGE, is revolutionizing immersive storytelling with new 8K mobile video experiences, led by acclaimed filmmaker and director Luke Neumann.

Already working with prestigious brands like Samsung, Panasonic, and DJI; the team at SAVG STUDIO is maximizing the potential of immersive vertical video, an untapped and new format to engage audiences in entirely new ways. Harnessing the power of stunning 8K visuals and compelling narratives, the studio is redefining the way mobile device users experience brand stories.

“Our expertise in authentic 8K filmmaking allows us to create truly unforgettable experiences that capture reality in new ways,” says Luke Neumann, co-founder of SAVG Studio. “AI outsources all the true creativity of video production, like collaborating with artists and capturing reality. Our “No AI” policy gives viewers the opportunity to authentically connect with real world environments in 8K without taking the joy and art out of the creative process.”

Since 2014, Luke Neumann and the SAVAGE team have cultivated a following of more than 140,000 subscribers, with over 25 million views. Their work in 8K has garnered particular excitement, with each upload averaging an impressive 2.1 million views on their YouTube channel. This success stems from their technique in utilizing cutting-edge technology to capture stunning visuals at 8K60p and within 1cm accuracy.

SAVG STUDIO is dedicated to curating captivating 8K vertical videos designed to seamlessly transition between mobile devices and television screens, offering a completely immersive experience to viewers regardless of the platform.

SAVG STUDIO specializes in:

  • Branded immersive content solutions: Partnering with brands to create unique and authentic vertical video experiences that resonate with their target audiences.
  • Unmatched Storytelling Expertise: The team leverages their years of experience crafting compelling narratives, ensuring vertical content grabs attention and holds interest.
  • Immersive 8K Heritage: Known for their groundbreaking work in 8K filmmaking, SAVG Studio brings a unique visual language to the vertical format, pushing the boundaries of storytelling on mobile devices.
  • Crafting mobile-first narratives and distribution: Stories designed specifically for the vertical format, ensuring seamless viewing and maximum immersion on smartphones. Content tailored for leading social media platforms and other mobile-centric channels, reaching audiences where they are already engaged.

With its innovative approach to vertical video production, SAVG STUDIO is partnering with brands and creators that are pushing the boundaries of storytelling. To learn more about partnering with SAVG STUDIO visit or email their team at:

SAVG STUDIO is a full-service creative production and content distribution company focused on immersive story-driven content for reputable brands. Led by filmmakers Luke Neumann and Ben Weintraub, their team pushes the boundaries of storytelling to create cinematic experiences that captivate audiences, elevate brands, and drive meaningful business outcomes. To learn more about SAVG STUDIO, visit

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