Award-Winning Documentary BROKE(N) Offers a Gritty Portrayal of American Working-Class Struggles

Sales campaign launches at AFM in November

NEW YORK and ALLENTOWN, Pa., Sept. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Tidal Lock Media’s President & CEO Michael Schelp announced that the company is initiating sales of its award-winning documentary about the American economy. The launch campaign includes an exhibition participation at the November 2022 AMF (American Film Market). The documentary has won multiple awards and honors: the Black Bear Film Festival, the Manhattan Film Festival, the Orlando Film Festival, and thirteen other film competitions.

Americans are broke. America is broken. BROKE(N) offers a revealing and poignant look at the challenges that everyday Americans face in a world of stagnant wages, increasing inflation, and unpredictable government aid – especially dire during a global pandemic. Set in the industrial city of Allentown, Pennsylvania, the documentary introduces a diverse group of a dozen individuals chosen at random who discuss, in intimate detail, their finances and experiences with low-wage jobs, skyrocketing student debt, the dysfunctional healthcare system, and housing insecurity. Completed in 2022, the 88-minute feature was shot in 4K and is distributed by Tidal Lock Media.

Schelp shared, “BROKE(N) was born out of a sense that the degree to which many of our fellow citizens are suffering from economic disruption is underappreciated. My co-director Alan Younkin and I felt compelled to shine a light on working-class Americans whose standard of living continues to slide, on their challenges, their fears, their dreams. The documentary lays bare the ways the U.S. healthcare and social systems have failed some of society’s most vulnerable. The shocking stories that these Americans share will inspire viewers to reexamine the way they view the less fortunate and hopefully foster understanding. Though at times the participants’ predicaments may seem dire, we see human resilience come through.”

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Launched in 2020, the company produces and distributes documentaries that explore how social upheaval affects people’s lives. Tidal Lock Media was created and is managed by Michael Schelp, President & CEO, who sold Iron Chef to the Food Network and has developed/executive produced television series for ESPN, Spike, Cooking Channel, and other networks. The company has offices in New York City and Allentown, PA. More information and 3-minute BROKE(N) trailer at

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