Austin’s Premier Fine Arts Photography Studio Transforms Love & Intimacy Into Art

House of Secrets Boudoir by Tanya Eivin Photography Enhances Its Services to Include Couple Boudoir Sessions

AUSTIN, Texas, Sept. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, House of Secrets by Tanya Eivin Photography, Austin’s premier fine arts boudoir studio, is thrilled to offer couples the opportunity to transform their love and intimacy into art through a boudoir photography session.

Bolstered by a shift in body positivity and the rise in people’s desire to own their sexuality and sensuality, boudoir photography has enjoyed a surge in popularity over the last few years, but typically these sessions have been embraced predominantly by female clients. House of Secrets owner and lead photographer Tanya Metaxa wants to change that by inviting couples into the studio. The intimate nature of boudoir photography allows people to delve deeper into their most inner selves. For couples, this is a unique opportunity to experience this together while creating lasting memories and timeless heirlooms.

A boudoir photo session with your partner isn’t an ordinary photography session. It’s a chance to explore your relationship and each other––with no judgment and in a safe and welcoming space. With help and guidance from the photographer, couples are given a rare chance to capture these beautiful fleeting moments that usually only happen behind the closed door. The result: unique, rebellious images that break down the barriers to intimacy.

“Love is beautiful. Intimacy is even better,” Tanya explained. “Boudoir for couples is an incredible art form focusing on intimacy, vulnerability, and raw chemistry between partners.”

For those intimidated by a boudoir photo shoot, Metaxa says you shouldn’t be. “Every single one of us and every body is beautiful. With our relaxed and safe environment, even the shyest clients find themselves having fun from the first click of the shutter. At House of Secrets, you’ll feel sexy and confident, and our couples will discover a stronger bond.”

“Being photographed together in an intimate and judgment-free setting brings a unique edge to the session, creating unparallel, sensuous, and daring images that are sure to lead to long-lasting memories. Not only will the images last a lifetime, so will the adventurous feeling.”

Tanya divulged couple boudoir is limitless. “Whether you’ve been together for one year or twenty, any couple can benefit from a boudoir session. It’s a very special experience unlike any other.”

No two love stories are the same, and House of Secrets wants to tell those stories through fine art photography. Couples can explore their sensuality and reclaim the power that comes from embracing their unique beauty. Bedroom secrets can come to life—safely in a comfortable studio setting. Couples enjoy the freedom to be daring without consequence.

Metaxa explained why House of Secrets feels so passionately about this new service. “There’s something magical about being in love. It’s a feeling of connection, adventure, and security—all at once. That feeling can be intense, and it can also be electrifying. Our couple sessions bring their love stories to life and celebrate the beauty of relationships.”

For more information on scheduling a session, visit the House of Secrets website.

About House of Secrets by Tanya Eivin Photography

House of Secrets by Tanya Eivin Photography is a luxury boudoir photography studio located in Austin, Texas. More than a photography studio, House of Secrets is your partner in becoming someone who is at peace with their body and mind, and discovering and embracing their uniqueness where society sees flaws. House of Secrets delivers timeless photography in an inclusive, safe, welcoming, and judgment-free space for clients of all genders.

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