Austin’s Premier Fine Arts Photography Studio Invites Men into the Bedroom

House of Secrets by Tanya Eivin Photography Extends Its Services to Include Male Boudoir

AUSTIN, Texas, March 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — House of Secrets by Tanya Eivin Photography, Austin’s premier fine arts boudoir studio, extends its offerings to include male boudoir sessions.

Fueled by the rise of body positivity and a desire to reclaim one’s sexuality, and celebrate it, boudoir photography has experienced a surge in popularity. Traditionally, boudoir sessions have been enjoyed by women, but times have changed, and owner and lead photographer Tanya Eivin is ready to break the traditional mold. “Boudoir photography is a time-honored way to capture beauty, seduction, and sensuality. For too long, boudoir has been solely a female-oriented genre,” Eivin said. “And while we love our female clientele, we believe boudoir shouldn’t be exclusive, which is why we are thrilled to offer male sessions.”

“Many men feel that traditional boudoir photography isn’t for them—that they don’t fit the sultry model vibe and they believe a boudoir photo shoot may be awkward or uncomfortable,” Tanya continued. “Well, our job is to prove them wrong, and we are extremely successful in doing that! While an idea of a boudoir session may seem intimidating, our boudoir clients feel sexy, comfortable in their own skin, and leave with a heightened sense of confidence after the experience. The photographs capture those feelings in timeless pieces of art they get to cherish forever. House of Secrets by Tanya Eivin Photography wants men to enjoy those same benefits.”

Male Boudoir offers a unique opportunity for male clients to be celebrated for their myriad of roles in life. Boudoir gives men a chance to express themselves without judgment or expectation. At House of Secrets, they can explore the facets of beauty that aren’t typically associated with traditional masculinity — sensuality, vulnerability, playfulness, — allowing them a creative outlet through intimate portraiture.

“Men have unique needs and stories that deserve to be told,” Eivin explained. “They also want to be seen and admired. House of Secrets Boudoir is passionate about helping men evoke their sensuality and explore a newly discovered—or undiscovered—version of himself. We embolden our clients with emotionally charged images that reject traditional concepts of masculinity, push the boundaries, and help them unlock the confidence within themselves. Our judgment-free studio promises to make you feel comfortable, and amaze you with edgy, sultry portraits that reflect your passionate side—ones that you can treasure for life.”

For more information on scheduling a session, visit the House of Secrets website.

Discover Who You Are and What You Are Capable of Through Boudoir

A boudoir session isn’t about perfection—it’s about finding beauty in the little imperfections that make us human. At House of Secrets, clients are invited to open themselves up to the extraordinary, unleash their power, and explore their most intimate selves.

This is a place where you will rediscover yourself through the lens of their cameras. At House of Secrets, confidence and courage are celebrated. Through their sessions, they guide you in leaping into the unknown and together, embrace all that makes you unique and powerful.

About House of Secrets by Tanya Eivin Photography

House of Secrets by Tanya Eivin Photography is a premier boudoir photography studio located in Austin, Texas. More than a photography studio, House of Secrets is your partner in becoming someone who is at peace with your body and mind, and discovering and embracing your uniqueness where society sees flaws. House of Secrets empowers through timeless photography in an inclusive, safe, welcoming, and judgment-free space for clients of all genders.

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