As the Only International Advertising Film Competition in Japan, BRANDED SHORTS 2022, from 687 Works Submitted from All Over the World, Brande Movie of Heineken and NETGEAR Japan Were Awarded “Branded Shorts of the Year”

3 films for the "Deloitte Digital Award"
A film for the HR Award of newly established HR Competition supported by Indeed and Visual Tourism Award
were also announced at the ceremony

SHIBUYA WARD, Japan, June 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — BRADNED SHORTS 2022 Ceremony was held at Akasaka Intercity as a part of the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia (SSFF & ASIA) on June 14th.

SSFF & ASIA established the branded film category as part of festival and established BRANDED SHORTS as a competition to recognize companies and its branding films with themes and messages in 2016.

Among the 687 works submitted from all over the world, Heineken’s film "A LOCKDOWN LOVE STORY" won
the international competition, and NETGEAR Japan’s film "AIM" won the national competition of BRANDED

In the ceremony, we also announced the first Deloitte Digital Award, to three films, "Taking Flight" by Kodansha,
"The Wish" by Penny, and "Unspoken Love" by Oppo.
These were selected because of the embodiment of
humanness and a digital society.

Starting last year, the HR award has become the HR Competition supported by Indeed this year and 52 short films
which had Human Resources’ point of view were selected as finalists. "Kindness is Also Yours" by Nichii Gakkan
was selected as the winner of the competition.

"Ukujima" by Ukujima, Nagasaki Prefecture received the Visual Tourism Award.

The award-winning works will be streaming at the festival’s Online Venue until June 30th.

【BRANDED SHORTS 2022 Award Winners】
Branded Shorts of the Year <International>
A LOCKDOWN LOVE STORY /2:20/Denmark/2021

Branded Shorts of the Year <National>
AIM / 21:54 / Japan / 2021

Deloitte Digital Award
Taking Flight  / 1:40 / Japan / 2021

The Wish  / 3:49 / Germany / 2021

Unspoken Love /8:47 / China / 2021

HR Competition supported by Indeed HR Award
Kindness is also yours /3:24/Japan/2021

The 11th Visual Tourism Award, Japan Tourism Agency Commissioner’s Award
Ukujima  / 4:02 / Japan / 2021
Uku Island Tourist Association

[Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2022]
Dates: Festival – Tuesday, June 7th to Monday, June 20th                                                                         
*Online venue: Thursday, April 28th – Thursday, June 30th
Screening venues: Online venues and multiple venues in Tokyo

Media contact:
Fuyumi Tanaka,

SOURCE Committee for Short Shorts Film Festival