As Music Industry Evolves, Artists Turn to Tunedly to Fulfill Their Creative Dreams

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — A streaming economy that has unbundled music has forever changed the music industry, but, thankfully, the album format is still with us. In fact, albums are making a comeback, especially among millennials, according to a global study by Deezer.

Far more than just a collection of songs – great albums tell a story. And great storytellers, which the best songwriters always are, will never go out of style.

What has changed for the better are the opportunities songwriters have for getting albums made, and the costs incurred for doing so. No longer do aspiring artists have to spend a fortune to create radio-ready music.

Consider that, in 2015, it cost Rihanna $50,000 to create a hit song, according to an article written by independent rapper/singer Kellee Maize:
• Songwriting – $15,000
• Production – $20,000
• Vocalist – Essentially free, as Rihanna was the singer
• Mixing & Mastering – $15,000

Today, artists like singer-songwriter Salli Edwards can create and stream entire albums for less than 10 percent of that cost through Tunedly, an innovative, interactive online recording studio featuring the most qualified network of vetted session musicians. Tunedly’s new publishing administration deal with Spirit Music Group (, one of the world’s leading global independent music publishing companies, provides even more opportunities for songwriters.

Tunedly ( produced Edwards’ new album, titled “Revolving Doors,” which is now available on all music streaming platforms.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the collaboration with Tunedly, and I felt very honored to have such experienced and talented world-class musicians play on my songs,” Edwards says. “Given the different musical influences on the album, it was also wonderful to have musicians who could totally understand and share the vision for each track. The album could not have sounded anywhere as good without their contributions.”

Edwards is based in Australia, which illustrates the advantage artists have when using Tunedly, a global online music production platform. Songwriters are increasingly using the service to produce music demos, bands and artists use Tunedly to produce albums, and music producers use the service to collaborate with session musicians. Importantly, given today’s evolving music industry, Tunedly assists songwriters and artists in securing music placements – a key element in monetizing their work.

Founded in 2015, Tunedly’s more than 1,000 clients have already completed more than 5,500 song projects.

“Tunedly is decentralizing the music industry and lighting the way for songwriters,” says CEO and co-founder Chris Erhardt. “You no longer need to live in a traditional, buzzing music scene to find vetted session musicians, trained singers, skilled sound engineers or noted producers.

“Neither do you need to look far for potentially game-changing benefits, including having your songs placed in films, TV shows and other major projects,” he says. “With our publishing solutions and partnerships with sub-publishers across the globe, Tunedly can help artists fulfill their creative dreams.”

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