Artworks by Shuyi Liu & Yachu Feng Presented at IAETDAA Public Welfare Exhibitions

NEW YORK, May 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — ArtsBerry shines a spotlight on the exceptional talents of globally acclaimed contemporary designers and visual artists, Shuyi Liu and Yachu Feng, as they take center stage at two esteemed public welfare exhibitions: “Big Hands Hold Small Hands” and “Silent Love, Inspired by Art” hosted by the International Art Education & Therapy Development Academic Association (IAETDAA).

The “Big Hands Hold Small Hands” exhibition marks a significant convergence of diverse participants, including art therapists, artists, and children. This collaborative platform, conducted under the auspices of IAETDAA, serves as a catalyst for dialogue through art, unlocking the expressive potential of children from various backgrounds. The event, held in Denver, Colorado, underscores IAETDAA’s mission to advance art therapy across healthcare, education, and community development sectors, fostering creativity and connection to break through societal barriers.

In the “Silent Love, Inspired by Art” exhibition, IAETDAA brings together 46 artists from 11 countries, including representatives from the Ningxia Social Welfare Institute, to explore the profound theme of love and expression. Through this collective endeavor, individuals are encouraged to delve into their authentic emotions, igniting creativity and vitality. IAETDAA’s steadfast commitment to promoting social harmony through diverse and expressive art therapies underscores its dedication to cultivating specialized professionals and nurturing healthy development across various sectors.

ArtsBerry is privileged to play a pivotal role in these initiatives, amplifying the voices of their represented artists such as Shuyi Liu and Yachu Feng, whose works exemplify the transformative power of art to inspire, heal, and unite communities globally.

International Art Education & Therapy Development Academic Association (IAETDAA) is a non-profit academic institution dedicated to researching the application of diverse and expressive art therapise in industries such as healthcare, education, urban-rural development, enterprise development, and special groups, in order to promote and build a harmonious society. International Art Education & Therapy Development Academic Association adheres to the principle of putting people first, and through a professional, systematic, and standardized training system for art therapists, cultivates specialized art therapists to serve the public’s cognition and healthy growth, promotes the healthy development of individuals/groups, stimulates their creativity, and empowers the development and promotion of various industries in society.

About Shuyi Liu

Shuyi Liu, a seasoned designer specializing in service experience design, is acclaimed for her empathetic approach and innovative design solutions. Shuyi’s work is driven by a mission to enhance human well-being. Her remarkable projects, such as therapeutic board games and journaling apps, have earned her international recognition and prestigious awards, including the Silver MUSE Design Award and Gold London Design Awards.

About Yachu Feng

Yachu Feng, a distinguished product designer with academic credentials from Tsinghua University and the Illinois Institute of Technology, is revered for his dedication to elevating user experiences through innovative designs. Yachu’s acclaimed app “Paven” and his participation in prestigious exhibitions worldwide further underscore his esteemed reputation in the design community.

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