ArtsBerry Interviews Microsoft Designer Ms. Su He

NEW YORK, Aug. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ArtsBerry interviews some of the world’s top contemporary designers to provide our audience an inside look at everything from their design process to upcoming products and to what matters most to them outside of the studio. Ms. Su He is Senior Designer at Microsoft who is responsible for the design of Microsoft Azure Platform used by 80% of the Fortune 500 companies for their cloud computing needs. Previously, Ms. He was a Senior Designer at ByteDance (Parent Company of TikTok), where she managed and mentored a design team of 6 product designers and led the design of 20+ products from the ground up. Ms. He obtained her master’s degree at New York University.‍

1. Let’s start by talking a little bit about your origins.
I grew up in Shandong, China. As a child, I loved to explore Design and Art. At age of 9, I taught myself on Photoshop & Illustrator.  I learned 4 languages: Chinese, English, Korean, and Cantonese. Before working in the U.S., I studied in South Korea, and worked in Hong Kong. I also traveled to 14 countries and 54 cities to explore the diverse cultures. These wonderful experiences opened my eyes and gave me perspective on how to use user-centric design to create a better world.

2.  What do you want people from various background to feel when they see your design?
My design is focused on usability regardless of our users limitations – permanent or temporary. According to WHO, people with disabilities make up 15% of the population, which is equivalent to almost one billion people. When I designed the Azure Cloud platform at Microsoft, I focused on accessibility design, resulting in more accessible products for everyone, including people with disabilities. I hope the product I design can be available to a wider variety of users.

3. Tell me about the work that you’re mostly proud of?
As a lead product designer at ByteDance, I took responsibility of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) product from the ground up. In 2021, floodwater submerged the city of Zhengzhou China. ByteDance used the AI product I designed to help their employees in Zhengzhou to ensure their safety and improve work efficiency by 200%. I am proud that my design was applied to real life, helped people, and created more value to the society.

In addition, I singlehandedly built the design team at ByteDance from the ground up.  I established the design recruitment process, interviewed 100+ designers, and recruited all our designers. I successfully grew the design team member by 7x in one year. 

4. What’s next in this work for you?
In 2022, I started my journey at Microsoft as a senior designer. I am responsible for the design of Azure, a cloud computing platform and online portal that allows users to access and manage cloud services and resources. It is a big challenge and I hope our product will say hello to everyone soon!

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