ArtsBerry Interviews Digital Artist Mr. Tianshi Wang

NEW YORK, April 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — ArtsBerry provides an insider’s view into the world of top contemporary artists, including Mr. Tianshi Wang, a digital artist and university lecturer specializing in animation, video, and film concept visual development, character design, and product design. Notably, Mr. Wang created the iconic Giant Panda mascot for China’s international image, an emblematic IP image has since collaborated with esteemed brands such as Li Ning, Pop Mart, Coca-Cola, and the China Mars Experiment Base, gracing prestigious international platforms like the G20 in Osaka, Japan, and the Cannes Film Festival. Furthermore, Mr. Wang was the creative mind behind many acclaimed projects such as “Little Horse Whip,” nominated for China Film Golden Rooster Awards, and “STUCK,” created in collaboration with Pixar artists. Additionally, Mr. Wang is the founder of Genius Animation Art Festival, and a faculty member at the Animation School of the Beijing Film Academy, China’s premier film institution.

1. Let’s start by talking a little bit about your childhood.
Growing up under the influence of my father, an interior decoration designer and university lecturer, I immersed myself in the world of fine arts from a young age, honing my skills in painting at his mentor’s studio. This early exposure steered my educational path towards a focus on professional art, leading me to pursue animation design at the esteemed Beijing Film Academy after completing high school. Subsequently, I earned dual master’s degrees from Arts University Bournemouth in the UK and the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, specializing in pre-production art design for film and animation. This foundation extends into my work today in IP and product design.

2. Tell me about a project that you’re mostly proud of.
It has to be the creation of “A PU”, the panda mascot representing China’s international image of the Giant Panda! This endeavor, commissioned by the State Council Information Office of China, spanned four months and drew over 2000 submissions from 22 countries. With a global audience vote and evaluation by 13 industry experts, including designers of Olympic mascots and esteemed professors, my design emerged victorious! Crafting a panda mascot that resonated universally posed a significant challenge amidst a sea of existing excellent designs. I was thrilled my effort resulted in a successful design that captured hearts worldwide.

3. What do you want people who come from various backgrounds and communities to feel when they experience your design?
Given my design approach focuses on practical applications, I prioritize conveying a clear and consistent message to my audience, imbued with universal values and sentiments. Precision in communication stands as a pivotal aspect of my design ethos. Thus, I aspire for my audience to accurately grasp the intended information.

4. As an established artist, what advice would you give to those who just started their career in the same field.
I would suggest them cultivating patience in the artistic journey. The essence of artistic design lies in drawing inspiration from life’s nuances and skillfully integrating them into visual expressions. Embrace continuous learning and remain receptive to novel concepts and approaches, for therein lies the path to growth and innovation as a designer.

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