Artline Institute to Open Award-Winning School for Young Creatives in October 2021

NEW YORK, July 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Artline Institute today announced the opening of its new school, which will take place in October 2021. The school will offer certifications in concept art and illustration with 2D and 3D techniques and animation. Registration for classes will begin in July 2021.

Artline Institute is on a mission to revolutionize how young creatives learn and break into the entertainment industry. Yohan Blanc founded the online Institute to help students build their portfolios and careers.

"We help students with big, audacious dreams to unlock their creative superpowers through self-paced programs designed to teach practical industry skills and personal feedback from industry mentors," Blanc said. "Our school has taken a creative approach to training the professional artists of the future. Our courses are a way to build your career rather than only focusing on mere goals to be met."

Arline Institute has a sister school in Paris that has earned numerous Rookie Awards for being one of the best design schools in the world. The US branch of the Artline Institute holds itself to the same high standards. All classes at the US branch will be taught in English by instructors who are industry professionals. All courses are conducted online.

The Institute places a priority on accessibility to education that truly equips students with the latest skills. This point of view is especially relevant today, when students may be paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for art education—an approach that is untenable and unwise, as the Institute sees it. "We offer a lower cost alternative to most colleges," Blanc added. "Our mission is to give access to high-quality education that doesn’t take 30 years to pay back."

Students at the Artline Institute begin with a foundational year to develop basic skills and explore their creativity before entering into their specialization programs. The flexible program offers students the opportunity to become part of a community of creative professionals and benefit from access to top studios and companies without having to change locations. Students receive mentoring and personal feedback from industry mentors to build exciting careers in the arts.

Specialization programs include concept art and illustration or animation. Each specialty is a two-year program, and students receive a certificate upon completion.

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