Artist, Music Producer, and Entertainer – King Power – Launches KQPP Fashion Line from Majestic City of Dubai: Embodying Grace, Self Confidence, and Gratitude to the Almighty for His Many Blessings

 DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, Dec. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The King Power Group and producer, King Power, recently announced the launch of a new fashion line, KQPP (King Queen Prince Princess), while on location in the princely city of Dubai. King Power first began promoting the brand after multiple appearances decked out in KQPP gear as he toured Paris and Dubai Fashion Week. King Power is a well-known style icon, traveling artist, social media star, and independent entrepreneur who has been seen partying with celebrities, spinning music with popular DJs, and working with a wide variety of companies throughout the U.S., Japan, and Dubai. King Power will be promoting the KQPP line through The King Power Group and their online store.

“I feel like one of those lyric poets from ancient times – traveling around, making music and joy, spreading happiness,” said King Power. “And that shows up in both my fashion and my art. The KQPP line is about feeling that joy, feeling that golden light within. I’m walking the path God lays out for me – a path of love. There are so many other ways you can approach your life – so many negative paths you could walk. But why do that? To love means you are powerful. And as a child of God, you are royalty. So be that. Be royalty. Express it every single day and put it into absolutely everything you do. And you’ll never be led astray.”

King Power writes and produces songs with many other artists, spanning a diverse, multi-cultural genre that blends different languages, nationalities, and musical approaches in a musical tapestry of fun, positivity, and love. Through his creativity and innovative designs, King Power intercepts differently – spreading his signature optimism for life, self-acceptance, and gratitude to God.

For the latest news on appearances and events, follow King Power on his thriving social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Ameba. And to hear the tunes he has helped write and produce, please visit him on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon Music, Deezer, iHeart.

About King Power (Jesse E. King)

King Power is a multi-talented entertainer and entrepreneur based in L.A., Japan, and Dubai.

Born in 1974 in Nigeria, King Power has spent a life traveling the world to establish multiple

businesses in several countries. A style icon, King Power has been featured in WorldStarHipHop, Nissin Cup Noodle commercials, and many other media outlets. King Power has been spotted hanging with celebrities such as Floyd Mayweather, Brad Pitt, DJs and business moguls in Japan and Dubai, and many others. King Power works to empower people with his positive words and optimism – seeing joy and the love of God’s grandeur as a way to approach all of life. His number one message to the world is that everyone can access their true potential by accepting and understanding that true power comes not from us, but from God.

About King Power Group

The King Power Group is a global organization of companies overseen by executive producer and creative entrepreneur, King Power. The King Power Group strives to ensure the long-term development of each of its group companies in keeping with their identity and their areas of expertise. Comprised of seven individual businesses that design and produce high quality products and services, the King Power Group is active in six major luxury markets: Fashion, Jewelry and Watches, Hotel, Restaurant, Residential and Commercial Buildings, and Cars, along with producing and promoting music and movies. Personifying creativity and excellence, the King Power Group recently launched a new KQPP fashion line, embodying the spirit of the group’s founding principles. Learn more at:

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