Artist-First Voice AI Platform ‘Hooky’ Launches with British R&B Hitmaker Jay Sean, Grammy-winning R&B Artist Eric Bellinger, Electronic Dance Duo BONNIE X CLYDE

Introduces 11 Virtual Hooky Artists, Talkbox Voice Models, Full Suite of Legal & Ethical Creative AI Tools

LOS ANGELES, June 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Hooky, a music startup specializing in artist-first Voice AI solutions, today launched its online subscription platform – an end-to-end tool for creators, artists and labels, handling music creation, licensing and distribution. The platform features Premium AI voice models for: British R&B singer Jay Sean; Grammy-winning R&B artist Eric Bellinger; American electronic dance duo Bonnie x Clyde; R&B singer Chase Paves; and ethereal vocalist Sarah Phillips and more coming soon. Hooky also launches with two Talkbox voice models, as well as nine “Hooky” virtual artists compatible with any genre; these are exclusive to Hooky and free to use without a license.

Founded by Grammy-winning producer, mixer and songwriter Jordan “DJ Swivel” Young, Hooky puts artists in control of their voice. “Every artist determines rules of engagement, approvals, approval times, royalty splits and what they feel their voice is worth,” Young said. “We want to showcase a world where AI doesn’t destroy creators, but inspires them to create next generation hits.”

Jay Sean said, “Whether or not you embrace AI, what the Music industry actually needs now is a way to control how our voices are used. Hooky allows that to happen in a safe way that protects us as artists. I’m genuinely curious how creators will use my voice in their own work and so long as I am in control of what work is commercially released, then I can’t wait to hear what is made.”

Hooky made waves recently, when artist Lauv became the first western artist in the world to use voice AI technology to release a song in a new language. Made possible with Hooky’s voice AI technology pioneered by Young, it earned the company early global acclaim.

Hooky is free for non-commercial use and offers Basic, Advanced and Pro subscription plans at $10$50/month or $100$500/year, and a customized Enterprise option. Each includes varying conversion times, access to “Premium” and “Hooky” AI voice models; and upgrades unlock training and licensing your own voice models. Distribution services will follow in the coming weeks, so creators can schedule music for release. 

Media Contact:
Adam Underhill