Arizona Guitarist/Songwriter Tom Kirsch (Dr. Tom) Announces a Collaboration with OFTB Super-Producer Low M.B. on a NFT Based Music Project to be Released in the 2nd Quarter of 2021

LOS ANGELES, April 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Dr. Tom, one of Arizonas most popular rock guitarists, is pleased to announce the launch of his new recording project. The yet to be titled release, features a wide array of culturally and musically diverse musicians and vocalists.  The project is being curated and produced by former Death Row Records recording artist and producer Low M.B. (founding member of O.F.T.B.) 

Dr. Tom has partnered with intellectual property (IP) and licensing expert Barrett LaRoda and together they have developed a “first of its kind” integration of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) into the sales and marketing strategy of the project.  NFTs, or non-fungible tokens,” have become all the rage in business and collectable art culture. Simply put, NFTs are unique, verifiable digital certificates of ownership that are recorded on distributed ledgers using blockchain technology. They have been issued to certify a piece of digital art, which brought almost $70 million at auction, and the technology was also recently linked to the sale of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s first ever tweet, which was purchased for almost $3 million dollars!  This integration will allow consumers not only the ability to purchase and listen to the music, but they will actually be able to own a portion of it.

In addition to his incredible musical talents playing with some of the best rock guitarists in the industry, Dr. Tom is also a specialist in the field of mental health. He’s now decided to shift his energy toward music and is embarking on a multi-city tour titled “Tales, Trails and Tails with Dr. Tom” in support of the project.  For the duration of the endless-perpetual tour, Dr. Tom will be living a nomadic lifestyle in a custom RV trailer with his cat Luna documenting his daily travels, his interactions with celebrities and non-celebrities alike, all while creating music for the project.  

While collaborating with a notorious gangster hip-hop producer like Low M.B. might seem to be a strange mixing to some, to Dr. Tom, it’s this eclectic mash-up of music genres that is the perfect representation of the direction of the project and also his “no boundaries – no limits” approach to life.  Dr. Tom recently sold his home and has decided to immerse himself into this project and to live on the road full-time. In keeping with Dr. Tom’s latin heritage, the “Tales, Trails and Tails with Dr. Tom” tour is scheduled to launch in Phoenix, AZ on Cinco de Mayo (May 5, 2021).  Additional details regarding the tour stops will be released during a live press conference on May 1st.

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