App Store Debuts a Colorful, New Path to Playing Music

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., May 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Major Harmony® ChordLand, which recently launched in Apple’s App Store, premiers a revolutionary new system for seeing “sound-colors” and learning how music fits together and interrelates – a “major” improvement on simply memorizing black & white notes and formulas. The bright, cartoon-based iPad app promises to be an enticing new way for having fun while learning and exploring music.

At the core of the concept is the Harmony Matrix®, a patented approach to “seeing” music through colors, geometric patterns and even cartoons, all of which combine for a new way to view connected sound. The Matrix’s 12-tone grid offers a powerful tool that super-organizes all harmony, creating a fast and easy way to “color reference” applied music.

The method recalls what leading educators refer to as “multiple intelligences,” using different doors to open up the brain’s pathways to learning. Faster, better comprehension can result, and the Major Harmony theory can go as deep as one wants to take it – advanced materials provide a universal code to truly understanding music, not just memorizing it. One prominent Berklee College of Music professor called it “absolutely brilliant.”

Major Harmony LLC is an innovative, diversified and technologically savvy multi-media company developing an exciting array of high-quality products. In addition to Major Harmony’s uniquely accessible music education methods and materials, future plans include production of an animated feature film that will charm children and families everywhere, as well as a line of kid-friendly books, interactive games, toys and school- or home-based programs.

“Major Harmony,” by the way, is also the name of a fun cartoon character who leads the band, not just the name of a breakthrough theory. It’s by following this animated fellow through some simple “play the colors” lessons that the new ChordLand app can be explored. Years of effort by founder Mark J. Herrick (an award-winning illustrator of children’s books who also moonlighted as a rock guitarist) led to his discovery of this whole new way to “visualize” sound via the Harmony Matrix. Literally, he patented the way to see and play patterns of “color scales and chords” that branch out from this core design in perfect, repeating mathematical order.

Simultaneously released in the App Store was Major Harmony’s HMX Master Guitar app for iPad. Geared for intermediate and advanced players, it applies the same Harmony Matrix® method and color-coded approach to the guitar’s fretboard. Meanwhile, several other such products and services are in the pipeline. Major Harmony LLC’s dream is to pursue several positive endeavors in the fields of music, film, literature, education, music therapy and philanthropy, creating a lasting legacy for Major Harmony with musicians, fans and subscribers, especially young people and families everywhere.

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