‘Apocalypse Love Story’ is a Film the World Needs Today

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Award-winning director and producer Justin Wilder Neese has released the trailer for his upcoming independent feature film “Apocalypse Love Story.”

The story revolves around two 8-year-old children – a Caucasian girl and African American boy, who are the sole survivors of an ecological worldwide apocalypse. Their struggle to survive and dependence on each other sets them on a journey of self-discovery, friendship and love.

Sam was the daughter of a survivalist father, possessing the knowledge and skills to survive on her own. James is the survivor of domestic abuse. Despite his kind, brave heart, he lacks any survival skills.  Each character battles the overwhelming loneliness of this desolate world – until one fateful day they meet.

Sam is played by 11-year-old actress Kayden Tokarski with 10-year-old actor Byron McCray in the role of James. The movie also features cameos by actress and model Jena Sims, celebrity trainer Corey Calliet, and actress Sage Kirkpatrick

“Our protagonists are children whose journey is essentially an uplifting and inspiring tale: One where there is no prejudice or hate – only the harsh environment around them and a growing reliance on each other,” said Director Justin Wilder Neese. “Their minds are uncynical and unbiased … children see each other like we should see each other – as equals. This film tells a story that is full of hope, something today’s society is clearly desperate for, and it’s message is one the world needs right now.”

Los Angeles-based Neese is the award-winning director of “Hummingbird” and “Glass of Scotch.”

Apocalypse Love Story” is set to be released by early January 2021. (See more about the making of the movie at this link.)

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