Anjalts’ New Wave Song ‘Code Blue’ Sends a Signal with an Upbeat Stance

IXOmusic Unveils songwriter/producer Anjalts latest creative work

LOS ANGELES, April 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — “An album to a musician is what a novel is to an author,” a statement by the emerging composer/producer Anjalts after releasing her much anticipated 15-song album project, “Air to Fire,” on February 17 that has since found a place in the heart of her listeners. However, as the smooth elemental soundscapes of the “Air to Fire” album are still being played, an alternative new wave versatility by Anjalts’ latest release, “Code Blue,” gets launched on March 24.  And, like the next chapter of a book, the start of her second album looms ahead with melodic intrigue that intertwines a variety of instruments and acoustic improvisation of an unpredictable listening experience.

“Code Blue” surreal lyrics are raw and powerful, reflecting the emotional turmoil endured quietly by many young people facing cyberbullying today. Anjalts pens a delicate subject through music, emphasizing the trauma that lingers on many levels,” says Elle Asti, Founder/CEO of IXO Music. Yet, the “Code Blue” she writes about is our shared humanity and jump-starting our hearts to be more considerate of one another.

“It’s a compelling song that contrasts the heavy groove and rock guitar she plays in the background, coupled with her mellifluous voice of reason,” explains Acen Sinclair, sound engineer at IXOmusic, an artist development company partnered with Anjalts on many of her releases. “It hits you right from the start with a catchy dance groove coming together naturally.”  

Anjalts produces a defined mix in a seamless transition of different genres that manifest her distinct sound.  Her dynamic synergy and passionate delivery are promising for upcoming music projects and a second album.

Check out “Code Blue” HERE.

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