Anjalts Drops New Music Video for ‘Raining Flowers’

IXOmusic indie Artist Anjalts directs her first Music Video.

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ‘Raining Flowers’ pours down on YouTube this month by songwriter/producer Anjalts. A melody that resonates with self-empowerment and willpower to follow your own path. And that is exactly what this renegade indie artist aspired to do when she decided to direct her own video on the YouTube platform. 

“It’s a stretch to find directors that think in a story format script rather than the objectification of female singers,” says IXOmusic engineer Acen Sinclair.  Anjalts wanted to move past the one-piece bathing suit trend and focus on the story in the video and, of course, the music.”

The tech-savvy artist shares a cyberpunk-style video for ” Raining Flowers” as a futuristic ultra-modern neon-lit screen that moves effortlessly with the artist’s expressions. The plot revolves around a time traveler who escapes the traps of gaslighting in relationships, which leads to an obsession with greed to learn more about the future rather than focusing on the present. The time traveler decides to return to her world after discovering her own empowerment and fighting for independence from technology. However, she realizes how much freedom she has already lost in a world where personal space and privacy are easily overrun.

Anjalts first hit the streaming platforms in 2020 with “Remember You” and has since released over ten singles from her upcoming album project “Air to Fire.”

Anjalts alt-pop ‘Raining Flowers’ video is reminiscent of the memorable MTV-styled videos we loved back when music videos were fun and had an engaging storyline. From David Bowie’s ‘China Girl’ to Sade’s ‘Sweetest Taboo’ or Eurythmics ‘Here comes the Rain Again.’ We had all diversified genres on the airwaves back then and shared impressive music to video storylines.

Check out Anjalts ‘Raining Flowers’ music video HERE.


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