Animation Mentor Students Show Off Skills They Learned from Pro Studio Animators—Watch Now!

EMERYVILLE, Calif., Nov. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Animation Mentor, the original online animation school for feature film animators, has just released its 2021 Student Showcase.

This reel of short animation clips shows off the skills students have learned to make their extraordinary shots even better. A big part of what students do at Animation Mentor is preparing to work in the industry by creating their portfolio of work, also called their demo reel, to send to studios who are hiring animators.

Mentored by working professionals, students get coaching and training on how to push and polish their best shots to make them ready to show to major studios. Because this is such an essential part of an animator’s toolkit, Animation Mentor dedicates an entire quarter to feature film-quality animation and portfolio development.

Student and 2021 Showcase Animator Chandrahas Tanguturi said the biggest lesson he learned at Animation Mentor is that, "Animating is not just moving the characters, but moving the audience with their performances." Fellow Showcase Animator Felicia Martin agrees, adding, "Don’t move your characters just to move them. Think about the intent, focus, and goal of your shot."

This is where the importance of authentic storytelling comes into play. Great animators bring characters to life by creating emotional performances that resonate with the audience. Through animation principles like exaggeration, squash and stretch, and studio-level polish, animators elevate their work to become a special part of the storytelling process.

According to DreamWorks Head of Character Animation and Mentor Sean Sexton, "Animation isn’t easy and most people don’t start out being incredible animators. But through determination, hard work, and perseverance, I see our students become amazing animators and eventually get their dream jobs."

Animation Mentor was founded 15 years ago by professional animators with years of experience at studios like Walt Disney Animation Studios, Tippett Studios, Pixar Animation Studios, and Industrial Light & Magic. They realized that no traditional art schools were teaching people the character animation skills needed to work in feature film production, so together they started Animation Mentor.

Since then, Animation Mentor graduates have gone on to work at every major animation studio. Their roster of credits include most of the animated films you’ve seen in the past 15 years, including Soul, Frozen, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, and How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. To see more of our student work and learn about the school, check out the new Student Showcase reel hosted on the Animation Mentor Blog.

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