An Innovative New Podcast for Accredited Investors With Leading Interviews of the Most Successful Entrepreneurs in Real Estate, Web3, and All Things Business

MIAMI, June 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — With the vast majority of podcasts out there only focusing on one niche or aspect of business, the Accredited Investor Podcast changes that narrative and provides a unique perspective. Accredited investors and those wanting to become one, can learn from most successful entrepreneurs who are industry thought leaders or have created a $10 million to $1 Billion dollar business or income.

Typically, podcasts will typically just cover the same niche over and over, however, most accredited investors and millionaires have multiple income streams and invest in different assets classes. There really hasn’t been a podcast that explores real estate, blockchain, business acquisitions, crypto, sales, marketing and emerging trends on one podcast.

What makes the Accredited Investor podcast unique is getting different perspectives in all aspects of business without having to download many different podcasts. Some of the first few real estate interviews, the entrepreneurs have either have $1 Billion in real estate holdings or have developed Billions of real estate. Then on the podcast one of the leading business sales coaches in the country, followed by a capital raiser who has raised over $2 Billion, followed by world’s first crypto and NFT hotel brand, followed by one of the most successful marketers in the country, followed by a current NFL QB who actively invests in businesses, and other leading thought leaders in crypto and web3. This raises the education, knowledge and sophistication of the listener who might only be familiar with one niche but has been interested in learning more about other emerging trends and potential investments or businesses.

Host is seasoned entrepreneur Jonathan Tuttle who is Founder of a mobile home park real estate Fund, Midwest Park Capital. Founder of a digital growth and consulting marketing agency, Revenue Ascend, Founder of Mobile Home Wealth Academy which is an online course teaching people how to invest in mobile homes and mobile home parks, Founder of Business Cash Out which is business acquisitions and partnership firm, and part of the Founding Executive team of a new Metaverse Blockchain and immersive wallet, V3Blockchain.

"Accredited Investor Podcast fills a void in the podcast arena where it’s a one-stop listen for leading interviews from thought leaders in all the important business and investing sectors that matter."- says host Jonathan Tuttle.

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