Amove and Storj Simplify Instant Global File Access and Remote Collaboration

RANCHO MIRAGE, Calif., Feb. 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Storj and Amove today launch their partnership at the HPA (Hollywood Professional Association) Tech Retreat, where global leaders in engineering, technology, creativity and business engage with the most compelling topics around the creation, management, and dissemination of content. Joining forces, Storj and Amove will advance their shared goal of rapidly delivering affordable storage solutions with industry-leading performance to organizations in the ever-growing file management, media and AI markets.

Storj provides cost effective, sustainable cloud object storage through groundbreaking architecture that distributes data to unused storage space in existing drives and data centers around the world, due to the fact that the average rate of server utilization is only 12-18% of capacity. This provides an extremely scalable and environmentally sustainable solution, thanks to eliminating the need to build, maintain and cool new data centers to meet surging demand. Storj’s distributed model also is inherently more secure than traditional approaches, with no single point of failure, no geographic vulnerability to regional or local disasters and is designed using zero-trust principals.

Patrick Kennedy, Amove CEO stated, “Amove is storage agnostic, so we support every provider. After years of development and testing over 45 services, we chose Storj as the ideal partner to deliver our users instant capacity from Amove Drives with incredible speed, cost efficiency and performance within an innovative architecture that supports remote streaming and access from anywhere. Their price model is also strongly aligned with Amove’s mission to deliver solutions to organizations of every size and industry.”  

Amove offers instant access to any cloud storage provider as a collaboration drive from the desktop, snapshots, backups and no cost unlimited migrations from AWS, Azure, Wasabi and 30 other providers into Storj. With a focus on simplicity, the Amove Drive allows users to mount their storage buckets directly from the desktop, providing a true multi-cloud management tool that delivers immediate access to the largest files from any cloud or on-premise storage.

Amove also offers up to 3 terabytes of Storj at no cost for each user when purchasing the Amove premium plan, $20/month per user with unlimited access. Other features include syncs between providers, file sharing, cloud to cloud migrations, backups, and AI powered deduplication. Storj is ideally suited for handling the large file sizes that media and AI workflows require.

Ben Golub, CEO of Storj said “Our partnership with Amove extends their commitment to delivering intuitive, flexible, connected and easy to use products to manage and protect the world’s data. We are also pleased that Amove appreciates the growing urgency to embrace solutions that provide affordable performance and environmental sustainability in light of the massive growth in data and a critical need to manage and store it while reducing environmental impact.”

About Amove
Amove is the new cloud storage and file management SaaS, delivering a range of powerful features for organizations and remote teams of all sizes. Amove provides an entirely new way of accessing and managing any cloud storage with ease, cost efficiency and flexibility. Our public APIs are available for an ecosystem that looks to democratize data wherever it lives.

About Storj
Storj is revolutionizing cloud object storage by securely and efficiently distributing data across underutilized drives. Users experience enterprise-grade durability and globally superior performance at the edge. Customers are realizing an 80% reduction in costs and carbon emissions. Make the world your data center at


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