Alvah Arts Releases New Medical Mystery

HAYS, N.C., Sept. 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — What happens when medical equipment functions erratically or, worse yet, fails altogether? Jay Barlow, a biomedical electronic technician (BMET) at Kirkwood Medical Center, finds out first-hand when a defibrillator he is testing almost kills him. He is puzzled when he learns nothing is found wrong with the defibrillator, but suddenly reports are coming into his department about other equipment failing. He begins to realize something is terribly wrong.

Jay enlists the help of a small group of hospital staff to help him solve the mystery of the faulty equipment. It soon becomes clear that someone is deliberately sabotaging medical devices throughout the hospital. The team must now rush to find the saboteur before someone dies.

Kirkwood is not only a murder mystery; it also illustrates how a large hospital functions and how the many staff and departments coordinate to treat patients and save lives. The story is based on John Alvah Barnes, Jr.’s actual experiences as a BMET in a major hospital.

"The premise of Kirkwood is from an idea I had years ago and always felt compelled to write," says Mr. Barnes. "Working as a BMET in a large medical center gave me the opportunity to bring that premise to life. Most of the story is based on actual events, and many of the characters in the story are based on real people."

"After our success with Roadwork, I was asked to assist with the writing of Kirkwood by bringing a woman’s perspective to round out the story," said Mrs. Barnes. "I found Kirkwood fun to write, and I believe readers will find it entertaining."

Kirkwood is the first novel of a triology by John Alvah Barnes, Jr. Mr. Barnes spent over 15 years in the healthcare field, the first as a BMET and then as a first responder (EMT). The subsequent novels in the trilogy are Esbenshade, which will be released soon, and Rollover, which is currently available. Rollover is based on his experience as a docent at the National Air and Space Museum following his disability.

Kirkwood is Naomi Lynn Barnes’ second collaboration with Mr. Barnes. Mrs. Barnes was an educator for over 50 years. She began her career teaching high school English and gradually moved into the field of medical education where she directed education departments in medical societies, including the American College of Physicians, and medical communications agencies, including the Clinical Affairs Division of Cardinal Health.

Kirkwood is available as an e-book and paperback at most major online book retailers. Learn more about Kirkwood and the authors on their website,

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