Alkemy X CFO Jay Halbert Selected as a 2022 Philadelphia Business Journal CFO of the Year Honoree

PHILADELPHIA, June 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Alkemy X CFO Jay Halbert has been selected as a Philadelphia Business Journal CFO of the year honoree for 2022. Halbert was part of a group of top level business leaders selected for their outstanding performance in their roles as corporate financial stewards.

The Philadelphia Business Journal received a large number of applicants this year for the CFO awards. The editorial team selected only 24 honorees from a wide range of industries including real estate, engineering, healthcare, and other business sectors. According to the Philadelphia Business Journal, the executives have to demonstrate "financial management, strategic thinking, contribution to the company’s reputation, and demonstrated commitment to fiscal integrity and accountability" to be selected.

Notes Halbert, "I’m tremendously humbled to receive this honor. It is a testament to the tireless hard work of our entire team that we have not only been able to survive the turbulence of the pandemic, but have emerged even stronger as we move into a period of significant growth. This honor is only made possible by the dedication, energy and sacrifice made by each Alkemy X employee, for which I’m truly grateful."

Halbert joined Alkemy X in 2017, with the company on its financial last breath just a few years prior. He was brought in by new President & CEO Justin Wineburgh as a foundational leader in the company’s sweeping restructuring and steadfast commitment to rapidly transform Alkemy X into the profitable, award-winning global media powerhouse it is today.

When Halbert stepped in as Alkemy X CFO, he quickly developed strong relationships with each of the company’s department heads and began forming key strategic partnerships with the company’s external financial partners, ensuring he was fully integrated into all existing and potential collaborations that would impact the company’s bottom line. He also took on the critically important but arduous task of establishing robust financial forecasting systems for the company–a unique challenge in an industry that does not have the luxury of predictable recurring revenue and is highly affected by constant industry shifts. His diversified background allowed him to assess Alkemy X’s financial struggles with a fresh perspective, leveraging his enthusiasm for creative problem solving and strategic business pivots.

Halbert received his education at two of the most distinguished higher education institutions in the country. He earned a B.S. with a concentration in Accounting, magna cum laude, from the prestigious Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania before getting his J.D. at one of the top Law programs in the country, the New York University School of Law. He graduated from NYU, magna cum laude and in the top 10% of his class while also serving as Associate Editor of the New York University Law Review in addition to his demanding studies.

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