ALIVE Podcast Network: Celebrates Mental Health, Women, and Wellness with Its Richest Lineup Yet

WASHINGTON, May 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — As we prepare our abs and playlists for poolside vibes, the ALIVE Podcast Network is loading its app with dope conversations to have you locked and loaded for cookout debates — from the intense Kendrick vs. Drake showdown to pressing discussions on the Presidential election. This May, we invite you to immerse in transformative dialogues and engaging stories that matter.

A Month of Significant Celebrations:
Beyond the traditional Mother’s Day and Memorial Day festivities, lies a breadth of observances such as Mental Health Awareness and National Menstrual Health Awareness Month. In sync with these themes, ALIVE introduces “The FYP Podcast (For Your Period),” a comforting companion through every menstrual cycle. Dive into discussions on often-overlooked women’s health issues with weekly tips and relatable perspectives, available alongside other insightful content on the period app, The Agenda.

Local Voices, Global Stories: 
Discover the heart and soul of Dallas with the “What’s Good Podcast: Exploring the Minds of Dallas.” Each episode delves into the lives of local creatives and entrepreneurs, unveiling the vibrant spirit of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Meanwhile, “Something to Say” hosted by Greg DeShields offers a microphone to diverse voices, providing a rich tapestry of personal stories and cultural insights.

Thought Leadership and Personal Growth:
Join the conversation with “Sunday Stacks,” where each session is an invitation to explore deeper societal issues, personal growth, and strategies for success. Engage with thought leaders who challenge the status quo and inspire listeners to think and live boldly.

A Focus on Mental Health:

For those seeking connection and enlightenment on mental health, ALIVE presents podcasts like “Down for Disruption,” “Under Construction w/ Tamar Braxton,” and “Deeply Rooted w/ Dr. Cratissa.” Each program is designed to foster open discussions and offer fresh perspectives on mental wellness.

A Network of Voices for Everyone:  
As a Black woman-owned podcast network, focused on amplifying Black voices, ALIVE proudly hosts nearly 50 podcasts across a myriad of genres including financial, leadership, relationships, parenting, true crime and others.

“This month’s lineup not only celebrates our diversity but also enriches the conversations we need to have right now,” said Founder and CEO, Angel N. Livas. “I invite everyone to download TAP-N, affectionately known as ‘The ALIVE Podcast Network’. Join us, tune in, and turn up the volume on a world of discovery and dialogue.”

Livas, recently recognized by Inc. Magazine, as #32 on the Inc. Female Founders 250 list, continues to push the envelope in podcast innovation and inclusivity.

For more information about the ALIVE Podcast Network, or to join our TAP-N community, visit: ALIVE Podcast Network.

About ALIVE Podcast Network:

ALIVE Podcast Network is a pioneering platform committed to empowering and amplifying Black voices in the podcasting world. Founded by Angel N. Livas, a celebrated entrepreneur recognized on the Inc. Magazine 2024 Female Founders 250 list, ALIVE operates with the mission to stimulate the Black creative economy and provide a stage for diverse narratives and perspectives.

ALIVE hosts nearly 50 original podcasts spanning a variety of genres, including true crime, business, leadership, wellness, and much more. Each podcast is crafted to engage, inspire, and inform listeners through compelling stories that resonate with wide audiences. ALIVE’s dedication to quality and inclusivity has made it a critical hub for thought-provoking discussions and innovative storytelling.

ALIVE is more than just a network; it’s a community where creators find support and opportunities to showcase their talents. The network also engages with its listeners through live events, community outreach, and robust digital interaction, making it a dynamic force in the media landscape.

For more information, visit, or follow ALIVE on @alivepodcastapp to stay updated with the latest episodes and behind-the-scenes content. Join the community, where Black voices reside and Black culture comes ALIVE.

Ashley Todd
Media Contact
ALIVE Podcast Network


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