AI-Backed Baby Face Generator That Shows What My Baby Will Look Like

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Oct. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Luxand, a facial recognition and computer vision company, has launched the Baby Maker app – a web application that can answer the question "what will my baby look like" in a few short clicks.

The baby face generator platform is built for users that are in a serious relationship or are newlyweds asking the question "what would our baby look like". With the help of AI technologies and deep learning, it is now possible to predict the appearance of a future baby! The face-prediction algorithm works in real-time, and takes one photo from each "parent" to generate their baby’s appearance. The accuracy of each generated photo is 90%, which is above industry benchmarks, and actually shows what my baby will look like based on analyzed images of partners.

The Baby Maker is a baby generator web application – it works anytime, anywhere and on any device, to allow users from all over the world to generate babies within minutes. The platform is available in English and 9 more languages.

To create a baby, users need to upload their picture and a picture of their partner. The Baby Maker even allows users to make babies with the famous celebrities – the Baby Face Generator website has a built-in database of 250 celebrity photos, from movie stars to musicians and athletes.

The Baby Face Generator analyzes 70 facial features of partners to precisely generate the face of a future baby. Users have access to additional settings before getting the final result – they can name a baby and customize a baby by choosing a skin tone. If skin tone is not customized, the algorithm automatically detects and matches it. As for the gender, users can pick a boy or a girl, or simply let the Baby Maker surprise them.

After the recent launch, the website has been visited by more than 100,000 users monthly, who generate up to 10,000 babies monthly.

Contact Information

Baby Maker
815 N. Royal St. Suite 202
Alexandria, VA, 22314, USA
+1 800 471 5636

SOURCE Luxand, Inc.