AI Art Tool BlueWillow Passes 100K Users on Its Rapidly Growing Discord-Based Community

User-friendly and accessible AI Art Tool BlueWillow is generating stunning art pieces, logos, and more. This innovative AI technology has also generated a massive Discord community that continues to expand rapidly, as it passed over 100K users this past weekend.

AUSTIN, Texas, Jan. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — BlueWillow is a revolutionary new tool in the digital art world with a huge community behind it (110K users and counting). This user-friendly, incredible tool can create anything from logos to digital art to graphics. No experience or skill is needed in digital art to generate stunning pieces with BlueWillow.

How BlueWillow works

BlueWillow is incredibly easy to use. To start, users can join the Discord community. This community’s incredible growth is just the first piece of evidence of how innovative and revolutionary BlueWillow is. At more than 110,000 members, this community has grown rapidly, including about 90,000 users in the past three weeks alone, and continues to expand as new members join to try out AI Art.

Inside this community, one can test out prompts for the AI to produce art, create stunning pieces, and gain support and comradery from like-minded individuals. To begin creating with BlueWillow, users can go to any of the Newbie channels and use/imagine with a typed-out prompt. This prompt and the descriptions in it are what the AI will use to generate the art piece.

It only takes a minute for BlueWillow’s AI to generate four images utilizing that prompt. Discord community members can then download these stunning pieces and use them however they want. With results that look like professional digital art and even photographs, BlueWillow’s AI is incredibly advanced and easy to use.

Create your own beautiful pieces

BlueWillow’s revolutionary tool has caught the attention of hundreds of thousands of people as they rush to join the Discord community to create their own beautiful pieces. Each image BlueWillow generates impresses, only utilizing simple prompts to put out accurate creations.

Prompts like “giant creature going through post apocalyptic nature setting, mountains, lightning, rain, stormy cloud” create masterpieces that would take a digital artist hours to replicate.

The community is easy to join and abundant with inspiration from the numerous members already on the server. It’s easy to see why BlueWillow has become so successful so quickly and it continues to grow.

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