Actors Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Oz, Game of Thrones, Farming) And George Blagden (Vikings, Versailles) Take on Roles of Ancient Romans for Historic Sites in Rome on The Bardeum Mobile App

ANN ARBOR, Mich., Oct. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — With Museum Edutainment’s new mobile app BARDEUM: DON’T JUST SEE THE SITES; STEP INSIDE THEIR STORIES, visitors can travel back in time and step inside the story of a true event at historical sites across the globe. Users experience a history lesson disguised within a great story.

ADEWALE AKINNUOYE-AGBAJE, as gladiator fight fixer Marcus Venutius, brings history back to life as he guides visitors through the Roman Colosseum. Blood and Sand, BARDEUM‘s new audiovisual experience, is written by No. 1 bestselling author Simon Scarrow (Eagles of the Empire) and transports users back in time to Emperor Domitian’s Great Games in 85 A.D. Visitors follow Adewale’s character into the arenas seedy underworld. From the marble seats of the wealthy to the hot sands and hidden hypogeum of the gladiators, Marcus must determine friend from foe.

GEORGE BLAGDEN is Appius Teretina, the intrepid guide to Chariot Racing at the Circus Maximus. Visitors step back in time to 65 A.D and the re-opening of the Circus Maximus after the great fire. The Charioteer is written by six-time New York Times bestselling author Margaret George (The Confessions of a Young Nero; The Splendor Before the Dark) and allows users to experience chariot racing and the real-life murderous plot against Emperor Nero.

Both experiences also include reconstruction images of the sites.

Additional Experiences on the BARDEUM Mobile App:


  • PALATINE HILL – IMPERIAL PALACE. The Sibylline Prophecy, written by bestselling author Simon Turney (Sons of Rome Trilogy) and narrated by Philip Stevens (Lapwing), takes visitors back to the eve of Battle between Emperors Maxentius & Constantine in October 312 A.D.
  • ROMAN FORUM. The Death of Cornelia, written by BARDEUM founder Amanda Mercer and narrated by Dan John Miller (Leatherheads), takes visitors back to 91 A.D. when Emperor Domitian has ordered the death of the Vestal Maxima Cornelia.


  • HISTORIC CENTER WALKING TOUR. The Unveiling of Michelangelo’s David, written by award-winning author and art historian Laura Morelli and narrated by Dan John Miller, takes visitors back to the political upheaval of 1504 Florence and the events surrounding the creation and unveiling of one of the most iconic sculptures in history.


  • KING’S GRAND APARTMENTS. Decadence & Diversions, narrated by Leslie Carroll writing as Juliet Grey, allows visitors to attend the Yew Tree Ball in 1745. Users step inside this famous event as they witness numerous women with their power-seeking patrons attempt to fill the void of the recently deceased mistress to the King. Only one will become known to history.
  • QUEEN’S SUITE. Revolution Comes to Versailles, narrated by Leslie Carroll writing as Juliet Grey, takes visitors back to October 1789 and the royal family’s final hours in the Palace. Visitors follow the despised Queen Marie Antoinette as she attempts to remain calm by reminiscing of her life at the Palace as she fears her own death.


  • HYDE PARK. The Great Exhibition, written by Elizabeth Macneal (The Doll Factory) and narrated by Tuppence Middleton (Downton Abbey).
  • KENSINGTON GARDENS. Tales of a Mistress in the Georgian Court, written by Tracy Borman (King’s Mistress, Queen’s Servant) and narrated by Flora Montgomery.
  • ST. JAMES’S PARK. Death of a King: The Path to Execution, written by Lord Charles Spencer (Killers of the King, The White Ship) and narrated by Anthony Howell (Selfridges).


  • THOMAS JEFFERSON MEMORIAL. To Begin the World Again, written by Laura Kamoie (America’s First daughter).
  • KOREAN WAR MEMORIAL. Unforgotten, written by Hampton Sides (On Desperate Ground).
  • FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT MEMORIAL. Courage & Determination, written by H.W. Brands (Traitor to His Class).
  • VIETNAM VETERANS MEMORIAL. Behind Enemy Lines, written by Eric Blehm (Legend).
  • WASHINGTON MONUMENT. Retiring Becomes Him, written by Edward J. Larson (Franklin & Washington).
  • WWII MEMORIAL. Field of Fire, written by Gregory A. Freeman (The Forgotten 500).

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The app is free on iOS and Android. Experiences range between $3.99 and $4.99 per download with rotating sales. Media may request free promo codes.

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