Actor Dawn Olivieri Joins Relief Riders International for A Relief Mission on Horseback in India

GREAT BARRINGTON, Mass., Sept. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Actor and horse activist Dawn Olivieri saddles up to join Relief Riders International (RRI) for relief mission via horseback in India. While best known for her roles in Yellowstone, 1883 and Heroes, Olivieri has also placed a spotlight on efforts to protect horses from senseless slaughter, dedicating much of her time and resources to this mission.

Now, Olivieri has partnered passions, participating in RRI’s PUSHKAR RELIEF RIDE, November 17 – 26, 2023 to help boost awareness of the unique way RRI is delivering healthcare and spreading goodwill to underserved populations in India.

Relief Riders International Founder, Alexander Souri says, “Ms. Olivieri embodies the spirit that this company was founded upon 20 years ago: a love and deep appreciation of the strength and beauty of the horse and a sincere desire to make this world a better place for all.”

A small group of riders will ride through the dunes of the Thar Desert and visit tiny villages across Rajasthan where they will support a full schedule of humanitarian work, including a medical camp offering 50 free cataract surgeries, 400 dental screenings and treatments, and donating goats to widows and families in need. This purpose-driven tourism further connects with community, distributing six months of supplies to local schoolchildren. The 10-day journey culminates with a visit to the world’s largest equestrian and camel fair, where travelers can witness impressive equestrian competitions, performance, and pageantry.

“I’m so excited to combine my love of horses and adventure with making a positive difference,” says Olivieri. “This unique experience falls closely in step with my goal to do what brings me joy while helping to improve the lives of others, be it human or horse!

Those seeking to untether from the modern world and slip into the serenity of the wild, much like the freedom offered in the landscapes depicted in 1883, can join Ms. Olivieri in November. Souri says, “Our itineraries offer the same grandeur and sense of liberty, only you’re crossing the desert sands of the Far East instead of the American West!” Olivieri adds, “And what’s better than doing it all with the help of the Marwari horse, with those big curled in ears framing the horizon? It’s a completely new breed for me, making this mission even more memorable.”

Departing roundtrip out of New Delhi, tours are designed to accommodate beginner to more advanced riders, spending 4 to 6 hours per day in the saddle for 6 days. For those wishing to take a break or want to keep their feet out of the stirrups altogether, RRI can organise a camel cart or transport via accompanying SUV. Rates start at $6,600, including all food, domestic transportation, and accommodations.

Souri says, “Our relief rides this November and next February promise to be extraordinary, as we will enjoy the fun and camaraderie of fascinating guests, while creating amazing memories giving back to the world we cherish in the process.”

Relief Riders International (RRI) is a humanitarian-based expedition company providing relief missions on horseback through breathtaking areas of developing countries. For nearly two decades, these humanitarian horseback missions have served rural populations in places such as Turkey, Ecuador, and India without prejudice to any religion or background. RRI is committed to providing horse enthusiasts with sustainable, spiritually enriching, and educational adventures to inspire and promote positive change.

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