Acting Legend Tom Skerritt Launches EVRGRN, a New FAST Channel

SEATTLE, April 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Triple Squirrels, the media company founded by acting legend Tom Skerritt (Harold & Maude, MASH, Up In Smoke, Top Gun, A River Runs Through It, Picket Fences, East of the Mountains) and his wife Julie Tokashiki, (founder of The Film School and The Red Badge Project), is proud to announce the launch of EVRGRN, a new FAST channel available throughout the streaming TV ecosystem. EVRGRN’s mission is to tell imaginative and incredible stories developed by artists from the Pacific Northwest. Favoring content that features uplifting experiences, EVRGRN reaches audiences looking for stories that explore the audacity of others as well as their own imagination.

EVRGRN, a lifestyle channel, celebrates the creative and independent spirit of the Pacific Northwest and challenges viewers to explore the possibilities within their own lives. The stories told on the EVRGRN channel demonstrate the breadth of that region’s cultural influence and ethos, and represent a lifestyle that celebrates creativity, curiosity, passion, and adventure.

When founding EVRGRN, Tom and Julie shared a mutual vision to deliver the best visual storytelling possible in times when blockbuster movies lack originality and are shackled by unforgiving budgets. "Working inside the Hollywood system has provided me with the opportunity to work with some of the great artists and storytellers of our time. But it’s also allowed me to see just how many creators simply never have the chance to get their story told," said Tom. "Anything can be a story, but what matters most is if the story moves someone," Skerritt said. "When we set out to build a new type of entertainment company, we recognized that storytelling from outside the Hollywood system is the heart of what we’re looking for and that a great story can come from anywhere – especially our chosen home of Seattle and the magnificent Pacific Northwest."

Co-founder Julie Tokashiki has spent her career in entertainment and has been dedicated to promoting the power of independent storytelling. "Tom’s career choices have always been based around looking for a story that moves people; to laugh, to cry, to pause and think. My work with The Film School and The Red Badge has been an effort to create a space for those kinds of stories to find a home. With EVRGRN, we bring those passions together. Streaming TV audiences now offer that home. Our programming choices are going to highlight creators from our home, Seattle and the Pacific Northwest, who generate content that delivers on our mission."

With a library containing hundreds of hours of content across movies, documentaries, series, animated shows, and music content featuring some of the most well-known names in music, EVRGRN brings never-before-seen programming in streaming TV. 

Programming on the EVRGRN Channel is hand curated by Tom, Julie, and their creative team as they capture the spirit of individuals who treasure adventure, authenticity, and audacity.

EVRGRN channel can be found on TCL, Glewed TV, STIRR, EVOCA, Vuit, TikiLive, and Freecast.

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