‘Acting Is About Adapting Quickly, Sometimes Small Roles Move On to Much Bigger Ones Faster Than You Thought Possible’ – Producer and Actor, Tommy Lentsch, Featured in New Rentyl Resorts Commercial as Hilarious Pool-Crasher Bud; Talks About His Unlikely Life as an Actor

TAMPA, Fla., Oct. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Tommy Lentsch recently opened up about his career as a film and TV actor, having already racked up an impressive list of film and producer credits. He pointed to a recent commercial that features him as every vacationing family’s worst nightmare, citing it as an example of his acting versatility. Tommy has long since learned that there are no small parts – each role is a colorful tile in the larger mosaic of an actor’s career. But the new commercial showcases his deadpan comedic side even as he hints about bigger projects on the horizon – each allowing him to display his acting range.

Infusing his personal charm and style into every role, on and off the set, Lentsch sat down to discuss his career and life as a producer, film creative, husband, father, grandfather, and entrepreneur.

“After my biological mother died, I grew up in Minnesota with a great dad, and even then, there were hints that I might be an actor. For example, I always liked scaring my family with crazy sounds or body movements – especially my grandparents. Or I’d pretend I was a U.P.S. driver or the Domino’s pizza guy when calling them. I also loved ‘Mad TV,’ ‘Saturday Night Live,’ and the ‘Dr. Demento’ show on the radio, with the classic song ‘Fish Heads.’ Those actors were always in the moment, responding to each other and having to adapt.”

When I was a stand-in for Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘The Right Stuff,’ which was on National Geographic, I loved the idea of being around miniature or pretend sets. It’s so cool.  The set at Universal Studios Florida recreated what it was like back at NASA in the 1960s: the attention to detail, even down to the ashtrays, was incredible. Or the photographers who had hundreds of vintage one-time-use flash bulbs that would burst and pop whenever they went off.”

“I’ve been married for 26 years and been with my wife for 28. Babydoll’s super smart, from Kenya, and we have built an amazing life together. I became an actor in 2012 after being a stay-at-home dad. I had no formal acting training, never even performed in a school play. So I started by taking some acting classes with the wonderful Shauna Bartel in Orlando and Lori Wyman of Miami. They totally launched me in all the important ways: auditioning technique, how to get amazing headshots (Michael Cairns the photo Jedi, check him out!), an agent, and the importance of starting small to build credibility. I served as a background, stand-ins in commercials, etc. All of them fun experiences.”

And in 2015 I was hired by Comedy Central U.K. to be Chandler Bing from the ‘Friends’ TV show for some photo and video shoots in London. They just got syndication rights for the show, along with it being the 20th anniversary of ‘Friends,’ so they wanted to create a buzz around it. They brought together a cast of look-a-likes, and since they thought I looked a lot like Chandler, I got the part. Ha! You just never know how life is going to turn out. But you have to be there. Wake up and get moving.  Ready to shift and move with the winds of fate.”

I have some amazing parts coming up, including a small role in the Road House reboot, and a new business that I’m super excited about. I can’t say a whole lot right now – acting contracts being what they are – but trust me: you’ll see my face again very soon.”

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