Academy Awards® Qualifying Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia and Amuse Inc, a Company That Inspires and Spread Entertainment to the World Are Inviting the World to Submit Musical Short Film Projects

TOKYO, Nov. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia (SSFF & ASIA), one of the largest international short film festivals in Asia and accredited by the Academy Awards, is pleased to announce its third annual "Musical Short Film Competition" in collaboration with Amuse Inc, a company that inspires and spread entertainment to the world.

We are looking for not only filmmakers, but also artists and scriptwriters with ideas. The best project will be announced as the "Amuse Musical Award" at SSFF & ASIA to be held in June 2022.

Short Films by the Winner of 2020 competition are finally ready!  
"Sleep Singing" by Bradley Porter, and "Flaws" by Jake Kuhn, are both films that were made during the pandemic in the UK. We have some comments from the two directors. This is a project lead by SSFF & ASIA, who supports aspiring filmmakers, and Amuse Inc., who is a primary source of entertainment who also invests and produces entertainment overseas, will nurture and introduce unique ideas and artists to the world.

Messages from:
2020 Amuse Musical Award Best Prize winner" Sleep Singing" Bradley Porter

"We had an amazing time filming SLEEP SINGING – to be given the freedom and support to make a musical the way we wanted to by Amuse was unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced. We’ve been lucky to work with incredibly talented composers, movement directors and choreographers to create something really special – that no only feels original, but also represents London at its finest. We can’t wait to share it with you."

2020 Amuse Musical Award Finalist "Flaws" Jake Kuhn
"The Amuse and Short Shorts Musical Competition gave me the courage to create a film in a genre that I forever wanted to tackle yet never had the opportunity. With their help and advice, my crew and I pushed the possibilities for such a story in innovative directions; working with contemporary tap dancers, miniature models and carefully designed sets. It was an incredible experience to create a modern musical that felt in keeping with a genre we love so dearly."

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