A Wild, Blood-Filled Horror Romp Is the Subject of Author John Lukegord’s Recent Screenplay Based on His Book: ‘The Haunted Trail: A Tale of Two Four-Leaf Clovers’

GLOUCESTER, Mass., June 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — John Lukegord announced the completion of a screenplay based on his published novel: “The Haunted Trail: A Tale of Two Four-Leaf Clovers.” The first volume in a planned trilogy, the book and screenplay open at the epicenter of an intergalactic war for possession of a mystical four-leaf clover that bestows powers upon its bearer. Originally a series of popular horror skits, “The Haunted Trail” has expanded to include two volumes so far. “A Tale of Two Four-Leaf Clovers” is available for purchase via Amazon and Lukegord is currently looking for representation to submit the screenplay to various film studios for consideration.  

“The entire series would be perfect for a movie or television show,” said Lukegord. “But the first volume is especially riveting. And that’s why I decided to spend the time developing it for film. It has broad horror appeal, and I liken the overarching tale to ‘War of the Worlds’ meets ‘The Mummy,’ with a bit of ‘Leprechaun’ thrown in. Mixing alien invasion themes with the supernatural and a good dose of splatter-gore horror is a recipe for box office success.”

Synopsis for “A Tale of Two Four-Leaf Clovers”

On a distant planet lightyears away, two alien races – one blue, one green – wage war. Their planet is divided as each race protects precious resources on their side of the world. Then one Halloween night, a hundred years in the making, the blue aliens cross the border and steal a precious artifact: a magical, twinned four-leaf clover. War quickly spirals into full-on nuclear apocalypse and only a few survivors on each side escape: each carrying one of two mystical four-leaf clovers.

Meanwhile on Earth, in Dublin, Ireland, six-year-old Butch McPherson has decided to take justice into his own hands. With his father too sick to work and his father’s business partner swindling the family at every turn, Butch steals $100 from his family’s bakery. When the crooked baker catches him though, all Butch can do is run. While fleeing, he stumbles upon a four-leaf clover that gives him strength: enough strength to kill his father’s wicked business partner with a crowbar. When a demon then drags the man’s soul away, Butch pockets the clover and flees.

Decades later, Butch continues to hold onto his good-luck charm; even as the world is ending, he will not let it go. Little does he know though, he’s not the only one who recognizes the power of his childhood memento. And these others will do whatever it takes to get their hands on it, including resurrecting a long-dead pharaoh, invading the world with scores of Egyptian soldiers, and bringing their ancient rivalry to the Emerald Isle – where the chaos really begins.

About John Lukegord

A Massachusetts native, John Lukegord is the author of the “Haunted Trail” series of books, based on horror skits created and performed in a small neighborhood in the early 1990s. The skits were well-crafted and highly successful, drawing a large fan base at the time. Lukegord has since expanded each skit, publishing them in a planned trilogy of gory and suspenseful horror stories. Lukegord is also the author of “A Stalker’s Journey,” which is available for purchase on Amazon along with “The Haunted Trail.”

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