A Festival of Short Film for Branding Purposes That Is Attracting the Attention of Global Video Marketers: BRANDED SHORTS 2024

5 Jurors are announced: Chief Jury Takuma Takasaki, Masaya Asai, Mayuko Amanashi, Kentaro Kimura and Yuko Hakota

Nomination includes branded movie directed by & starring Martin Scorcese, one starring Ryan Gosling

SHIBUYA WARD, Japan, May 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Academy Awards® qualifying Asia’s one of the largest international film festivals, Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2024 is going to showcase branded movies produced by corporations and organizations as BRANEDS SHORTS 2024 at Akasaka Intercity Conference.

28 nominated branded movies are judged by the 5 jurors who are announced today.


Chief JuryTakasaki Takuma(Creative Director)

Masaya Asai(Droga5 Tokyo, Part of Accenture Song Chief Creative Officer)

Mayuko Amanashi(Studio neco Co., Ltd. Representative Director/Movie Producer)

Kentaro Kimura(Hakuhodo, International Chief Creative Officer and Corporate Officer Hakuhodo Kettle, Founder)

Yuko Hakota (Film director)

This year’s International category includes “Marty & Francesca Make a Website,” directed by and starring Martin Scorsese (Squarespace), and “The Chase for Carrera,” starring Ryan Gosling (TAG Heuer). Screenings will take place on 10 (Mon), 11 (Tue) and 12 at Akasaka Intercity as well as SSFF & ASIA 2024 Online Grand Theater from June 1. Each award will be announced at the BRANDED SHORTS Ceremony on Wed, June 12th.

URL: https://www.shortshorts.org/2024/branded-ceremony/


Schedule:Mon, June 10 to Wed, June 12

                  Time varies depends on the screening program / Seminar.

Venue:Akasaka Intercity Conference

Contents:1. Screening of nominated titles : Mon, June 10 to Wed, June 12

                  2. Seminars: Mon, June 10 & Tue, June 12 *only in Japanese

                  3. BRANDED SHORTS Ceremony: Wed, June 12

                (Screening, Talk events with Jurors, Awards Announcement and Presentation)

Tickets:1. Screening 1500JPY

               2. Seminars 1500JPY
               3. Ceremony

               the 1st part 2,000JPY/the 2nd part 2,000JPY/combination 3,000JPY

Media Contact:
Fuyumi Tanaka



SOURCE Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia