‘A Beautiful Silence’ – Actor DeMark Thompson and Emmy-Nominated Keivonn Woodard Join Forces in Touching New Subaru Ad

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — DeMark Thompson, known for his roles in “CSI: Vegas” (2021), “NCIS: LA” (2018), and “Jean Claude Van Johnson” (2017), announced he had broken new ground in a unique Subaru commercial: “A Beautiful Silence.” The spot features DeMark alongside the 10-year-old Emmy-nominated actor Keivonn Woodard who is deaf. Showcasing a heartwarming father-and-son trip to Yosemite National Park, the commercial highlights a journey with a sincere objective.

“The outdoors are for everyone, and whether it’s a trip to a national park or a walk in the woods, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience its beauty,” said Alan Bethke, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Subaru of America, Inc. “Through our partnership with the National Park Foundation and our commitment to making safe and capable vehicles like the Forester Wilderness, we’re hoping that even more people will be inspired to explore the wonders of nature, just like the father and son in our new creative.”

The Inspiration – A Personal Connection:

“I’m so happy to be a part of this project,” said DeMark Thompson. “Keivonn Woodard is a gifted actor and is the youngest ever to be nominated for an Emmy in his category. This creative is centered on a father/son journey to Yosemite National Park which displays both the natural wonders of the park and the connection we have to the environment around us.”

“I learned sign language when I was nine years old, taking a class at church with my mother and sister, who both became expert interpreters. My mother went on to interpret for U.S. Presidents, major concerts that were held at the Kennedy Center in DC, the Apollo theater in New York, and many other places local to the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area. My mother passed in May 2013. A few weeks before she passed, she made me promise to pursue my passion of acting. Recalling the last talk we had, coupled with the promise I made to her ultimately jump-started my acting career. I had no clue that sign language would be useful one day for an acting role – so yes, I’m extremely grateful I was blessed with the opportunity to learn it at such an early age. I don’t really believe in coincidences.”

Gratitude and Looking Ahead – The Vision Behind the Subaru Commercial:

“When I booked the commercial with Subaru, the producers said they wanted to make this one very special,” Thompson explained. “One that’s completely different from any that they’ve ever done. In that same moment, Keivonn and his mother walked into the building, and I recognized him immediately. The executives at Subaru had a vision with him as a son, experiencing the vastness of nature for the very first time. I knew our relationship on camera had to be authentic, so I made sure I chatted and connected with him as much as I could each day we filmed.”

“It was an honor and a pleasure to work with Keivonn. His work to date in his young career is brilliant and unforgettable. I’m also extremely grateful to Subaru for trusting me to bring this vision to life; along with Sovereign Talent for submitting me for the role, and Dan Bell casting for booking me.”

The new Subaru ad, featuring the all-new 2023 Subaru Forester Wilderness, celebrates the automaker’s devotion to adventure and environmental stewardship. The spot will run on national television, on various digital and social media platforms, as well as YouTube.

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