8 Episode “Vaccine Vignettes” Podcast Features Women Writers and Majority Women Directors

CHICAGO, Sept. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — As the second half of episodes for the anthology podcast, "Vaccine Vignettes" are released this fall, the creative team announces that in addition to the stories being written by women, 5 of the 8 episodes will also be directed by women.

"We are excited about all the talented directors, but this is how change happens. When producers recognize that women have the talent, intellect and desire to lead as they collaborate and tell stories. All that’s required are the opportunities," said Vera J. Brooks, co-Writer and Producer of "Vaccine Vignettes."

Since spring, episodes have been released every 4 to 6 weeks on SoundCloud. The stories are fictional experiences and responses to life as Covid- 19 vaccines are distributed. They are of various genres and actors have been recorded either in a sound studio outside of Chicago or remotely via iPhones, followed by sound engineer Eric Block editing and adding sound effects.

The past directors include: Tiffany Yvonne Cox (also lead actor in "LaDonna’s Epiphany" / drama); David Bell ("Phobias" / comedy); Brandon A Wright ("Fun Can’t Wait" / sci-fi thriller) and Jamie Johnson (also writer of "Estelle and Harry" / drama).

Coming up are directors Chloe Caudillo ("From Chaos to Hope" / drama); Dina Kagan ("Side Effects" / comedy); Laura Fielder ("Great Escape" / dystopian thriller) and Ian Deleon ("Vaccine Day" / political drama).

"We were all novices at writing, directing and producing a podcast, but it’s been a great experience and the response has been extremely positive." said Brooks. "Vaccine Vignettes" has been accepted into several festivals.

Listen to "Vaccine Vignettes" on SoundCloud and learn more about the project at www.vaccinevignettes.com

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