15-Year-Old With Sickle Cell Disease Becomes The New Voice of The Mark Kaye Show

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Feb. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —┬áNationally syndicated radio talk show host Mark Kaye has hired 15-year-old Quincy Chapman to be the new voice of "The Mark Kaye Show." The radio host first met the teen during his annual holiday campaign for his "Kaye’s Kids" charity called "The 12 Days of Christmas."

"Every Christmas we surprise local children who are battling life-threatening illnesses with dream gifts," explains Kaye. "This past December, Quincy was one of those kids.

Quincy was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease just after his first birthday. Since then he has had several blood transfusions, has had his spleen removed, and recently underwent a hip transplant.

"Quincy lives in constant pain," explains Kaye, "But you would never know it if you met him. He has an incredible personality, an amazing smile, and as soon as he spoke on the air we were blown away by the power of his voice. He sounds incredible!"

Later that day, Quincy posted a message on Instagram describing how much fun he had on the show and how he was "hooked" on radio. Kaye saw the post and came up with the idea of bringing him back into the studio to record elements for his show.

"We reached out to Quincy and invited him back," says Kaye. "As soon as he walked in the studio you could tell by the look on his face how happy it made him. We asked him to record some liners and promos for us. Dude was a natural."

Some listeners have even called in to ask if Quincy could record phone messages and other audio projects for them. "He could really have a long career ahead of him," says Kaye.

And what did Quincy think about the experience? "It was stupendously fun," exclaims the teen, "And I cant wait to do more radio work; either for Mark or anywhere else!"

The Mark Kaye Show airs on WOKV in Jacksonville, FL, WDBO in Orlando, FL, WHIO in Dayton, OH, KRMG in Tulsa, OK, and WGAU in Athens, GA.

The Mark Kaye Show can also be seen every Saturday at 7:00pm on NEWSMAX TV.

"Kaye’s Kids" is a special Times program of Dreams Come True of Jacksonville.

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