$100,000 Outdoor Movie Grant Program Now Taking Applications

AUSTIN, Texas, March 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment® (UOE) and Ultimate Outdoor Movies® have joined together to announced they are launching a new nationwide Outdoor Movie Licensing grant program (managed through its FreeOutdoorMovieLicensing.org web site) designed to assist all types of organizations with making their community outdoor movie nights more affordable than ever! 

This program was built and funded by Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment® & Ultimate Outdoor Movies® with a single goal in mind – make outdoor movies events more accessible for all communities.

UOE Founder and CTO, Darrell Landers said, "Communities around the country are looking for ways to create family-friendly events that give people of all backgrounds, access to free outdoor entertainment. Outdoor Movies are just the ticket to getting this accomplished for many civic and non-profit groups looking for ways to entertain their local communities.  Churches, schools, HOA’s, Park & Rec programs, and other community activity focused groups have found outdoor movie nights or "Movies in the Park" to be one of the most effective ways to accomplish that goal & create fun community activities."

While local businesses often help fund outdoor movie programs with sponsorships, many of the groups that run outdoor movies depend on government grant programs, donations and community volunteers, but many of them are often working with shrinking budgets and resort to various fundraising efforts to raise all of the money that is needed to pull it all together.

The Ultimate Outdoor Movie Grant program, (nick-named "U-OMG!") focuses specifically on helping these groups fund the movie licensing portion of the cost associated with organizing and running outdoor movie events.  This will help pave the way toward affordable outdoor movie nights & Movies in the Park for just about any organization seeking ways to reduce their costs and continue to put on great movie nights that their communities depend on for those fun summer movie nights.

According to Laura Landers, UOE President and CEO – "Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment® and Ultimate Outdoor Movies have been providing turnkey outdoor movie screen events for nearly 15 years in cities all over the United States, so we are uniquely qualified with the insight needed to help organizations streamline their outdoor movie nights or Movies in the Park through reduced costs and efficiencies."

Laura goes on to say, "We wanted to extend our charitable giving to include making outdoor movies more affordable.  Many times, organizations begin the planning process by contacting an outdoor movie screen rental company for quotes on equipment.  We always try to make clients aware of movie licensing programs by pointing them to Swank Motion Pictures and Criterion Motion Pictures USA, the two primary outdoor movie licensing companies in the U.S.  Often, this is the first time they learn that a license may be required for their outdoor movie event and suddenly they need to adjust their budget by adding funding or cutting other costs from their program."

We’ve made The Ultimate Outdoor Movie Grant award process extraordinarily simple as well. To apply, just fill out the form on either UltimateOutdoorMovieGrant.org or FreeOutdoorMovieLicensing.org web site with your organization’s name and tell us why your group is a good candidate to receive an award under The Ultimate Outdoor Movie Grant program.  Tell us your story in 300 words or less, our team will review and if awarded a grant, we will notify you as a winner/recipient."

In addition, all organizations that apply for The Ultimate Outdoor Movie Grant are automatically eligible for exclusive discounts on our full-service outdoor movie screen rentals, available only to grant applicants.  That means your organization can save on your movie equipment rental costs, the licensing costs – or BOTH!

"Our combined companies are giving away $100,000 in outdoor movie licensing grants over the next three years.  There will be hundreds of winners that either get a free movie license, or can use their Grant award as credit towards their movie licensing cost to reduce their overall spend."

Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment® (UOE) & UltimateOutdoorMovies® are taking outdoor events to the next level. UOE started in 2008 as a small business operating out of a garage in Austin, TX. Today, UOE is still a family-owned business and operates nationwide with locations in more than 20 major cities across 12 states, offering outdoor moviesmobile drive-in eventsLED screen rentals and drive-in design, build & construction, all available at UOE.com

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